Tournament Rules & Guidelines

All participants of Acadiana Chess Club must agree to treat each other with respect. Chess is not about winning or ego. At Acadiana Chess, we focus on personal growth, learning, sportsmanship, and just enjoying the game of chess. 


  • When both players are ready to begin, the player playing Black will start White’s time. 
  • If you touch a piece that can legally move, then you must move that piece. Think before you touch!
  • Do not stop your clock until you have completed your move. Do not use two hands to move and stop your clock. In general, moves should be done in this order:
    • Make your move
    • Stop your clock
    • Write your notation
  • If you have a disagreement with your opponent, pause the clock and raise your hand. The tournament director will come to the board and settle the disagreement. Do not argue with your opponent while the clock is running.
  • Once your game is complete, both players must assure that the notation sheet is completed and turned in.
  • Players will NOT be allowed to wear headphones or have electronic devices during a match.
  • You are allowed to leave the table during a match to get a drink or use the restroom.
  • Agreeing to a draw is allowed. If you draw in the finals bracket, you must play your opponent again until there is a winner.

Sportsmanship & Etiquette

  • Offer a handshake or fist bump before and after each match. Alternatively, you can say “good luck” and “good game” with a head nod.
  • Do not boast. No excessive celebrations. Say “good game” with earnestness and respect.
  • Do not chat while your opponent’s clock is running. If you wish to chat with your opponent, do so while your own clock is running.

Audience & Spectating

  • Feel free to spectate games, but please do not commentate. If you wish to have a conversation, please keep some distance from the game boards.
  • Do not sit at the table with the players.
  • Please silence all sounds on your phones and electronic devices.
  • Be respectful of the players’ personal space.