Donations & Volunteering for Acadiana Chess Club

Acadiana Chess Club has no membership fees and provides free tournaments to all participants. In order to grow our club, we currently rely on donations of your time, money, or materials. Once we begin to host official tournaments, our entry fees will go towards these goals. 


Tournament Chess Boards

6/10 (60%)


Chess Clocks

5/10 (50%)

Folding Tables

3/10 (30%)


Folding Chairs

0/20 (0%)


Magnetic Whiteboard for Tournament Details

0/1 (0%)


Our primary goal is to move towards a more self-sufficient club model. We have many venues to choose from, but we’re trying to acquire our own set of tables and folding chairs. This will enable us to host tournaments anywhere, including outdoor venues such as local parks or outdoor restaurants.


So how can you contribute?


You can contribute by donating the material items we are looking to acquire:

  • Folding chairs
  • Folding tables
  • Table numbers
  • Additional tournament boards
  • Additional chess clocks

Recurring Costs

Donating money to the club will go to pay for recurring costs:

  • Official notation sheets & pens
  • Club printouts
  • Batteries for chess clocks
  • Event advertising
  • Website hosting


We can certainly use volunteer help at our tournaments from non-participants, as well as volunteer help outside of meetups and tournaments:

  • Assist with tournament entries & organization
  • Assist with enforcing tournament rules, guidelines, and etiquette
  • Assist with finding and acquiring venues for club events
  • Feel free to contact us with other ways that you can volunteer

If you’d like to contribute to the club in any way, please contact

For monetary contributions, Venmo AcadianHunter and specify that it is for Acadiana Chess Club.